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Delete blank lines

Fix selector for gift input

Fix date format description

Filter by date

Recomputing invoice shipping on order update and add tests for shipping tax details

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Merge pull request #21372 from jolelievre/update-decimal-number

Update decimal number to version 1.4 And update all use statements

Merge pull request #21335 from roncarino/develop

Fixed "Add new alias" button which was disappearing after adding a new alias. [BO][Shop param][search]

Bulk delete catalog price rules

Filter catalog price rules

Fix tests with price tax included

Merge pull request #21365 from Progi1984/fixCurrencyNumericIsoCode

Fixed Currency Numeric Iso Code (Nullable & Default Value)

Merge pull request #20201 from mushroot/fix/trans-in-install

Fix throw InstallControllerHttpSystem::trans during installation process

Merge pull request #21232 from sowbiba/fix-onboarding-payment-methods

Fix tab modules list

Fix coding style

Merge pull request #21343 from NeOMakinG/issue21322

Fix status dropdown of order listing page not being well displayed using rtl language

Add tests to check invoice tax details

Create 2 catalog price rules

Add scenarii for free shipping, invoice and carrier change

Apply suggestions from code review

Co-authored-by: Jonathan Lelievre <>


Apply code review feedbacks

Update controllers/front/ProductController.php

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Added new hooks: actionProductSearchProviderRunQueryBefore, actionProductSearchProviderRunQueryAfter

Merge pull request #1 from PrestaShop/develop

Update from origin

code review suggestions

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Change Exception to CoreException

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Reset currency cache when cache is clear before feature

Missing replacement

CS fix

Rename Number into DecimalNumber

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