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Add test scenario

Merge branch 'develop' into improve-components-init

Fix method description

Add test scenario

Add a min height to every address items in checkout

Merge pull request #21346 from Progi1984/issue20341

Removed order of languages in TranslatableType field for migrated pages

behats for combo+standard pack items deletion/update

Merge pull request #21237 from marionf/issue-20597

Fix the french exotax percentage displayed as an example

scenario for deleting all combination products from pack

add scenario for combination pack item

Add test 'Help card on attributes page'

Merge pull request #21331 from matks/enable-gift-and-recycled-packaging-switches

Enable Gift and Recycled Packaging switches

Merge pull request #21355 from JevgenijVisockij/feature/simplify-geolocation-options

Simplifies geolocation form

remove duplicated assertion in suppliers behat scenario

use PackUpdater in handlers

init ProductPackUpdater

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Merge pull request #21394 from kpodemski/fix/21391

Correct product meta-title after changing variant

Add functional test + do not convert discount for order view

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Merge pull request #21396 from boubkerbribri/fix-nightly-12-10-20

Add navigation when selecting pagination limit

finalize handlers which implements interfaces

implement RemoveAllAssociatedProductAttachmentsHandler and adjust behat

prepare RemoveAllAssociatedProductAttachmentshandler

use class instead of plain string

remove Abstract handler usability

adjust behats to use appropriate handler for removing tags

Implement RemoveAllProductTagsHandler

add behat for tags removal

implement TagRepository & TagUpdater

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rename UpdateTags -> SetTags

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Fix CSV files

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