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Merge pull request #21462 from nesrineabdmouleh/addVarForSelectorsInMethods

Add var for visible selectors in methods

Merge pull request #21114 from idnovate/css-fix

Fixed CSS issues when using DisplayProductPriceBlock

Remove and add, the doubt is allowed

Add scenario when gifted product is removed

Add final tests when you edit or remove the gift product

Add test scenario when the auto cart rule is removed

Add comments, and add exception when unexpected product is missing in the cart

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    • +10
Optimization suggested by pablo

Handle update OrderDetail when auto gift is already present in Order

Remove uselsess code

Handle update quantity and stock of products affected after a product is removed from order

Add test description

Add test delete bulk actions order status

Add test sort order statuses

Update gift cart rule behat tests

Better handle the new products in cart when adding a product This allows to add the gift product when necessary

Remove useless code

Remove OrderDetail when a product is no more present in the Cart

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    • +9
Fix bug that modified delivery address when trying to add a product with auto gift to the cart

Delete comment

Add pagination test

Filter order status

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Merge pull request #21467 from atomiix/fix/21448

Fix help link in Create order

Update INSTALL.txt


Co-authored-by: Mathieu Ferment <>

Fix help link in Create order

index.html does not exist

Fix visible selector in attributes index file

Fix visible selector in imageSettings index file

Merge pull request #21459 from nesrineabdmouleh/functionalCRUDOrderStatus

Add test 'CRUD order status'

Change method name