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Fix shop name

Add hooks for the AdminLoginController

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Fixed Configuration when Disabling/Enabling Shop

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Merge pull request #21360 from taoufiqaitali/patch-3

Change typo function name initOrderStatutsList

Merge pull request #21416 from PululuK/patch-14

Update webservice doc url in WebserviceRequest

Prevent bug during install when cache folder is removed

Fix argument ini errors, handle environment, rebuild container

Merge pull request #20903 from jolelievre/order-addresses-test

Update Order amount when its addresses are modified

Delete old manufacturers_import.csv

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Merge pull request #20140 from Hlavtox/patch-10

Add hooks to cart modal - crosseling and promotion

Merge pull request #20980 from JoryHogeveen/patch-1

Use assembler to present products in cart

Update controllers/front/listing/CategoryController.php

Co-authored-by: Julie Varisellaz <>

Merge pull request #21093 from sowbiba/fix-address-selector-create-order

Fix function typo when changing address on create order

use command class instead string. Remove todo

Use cache:clear instead of cache:prune and run the command on shutdown

use relevant command in behat

implement RemoveAllRelatedProducts handler

Delete created tax rules with bulk actions

Update webservice doc in WebserviceRequest

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prepare scenario for removing related products

behat scenarios for setting related products

fix repository assertion

Add test agination

Merge pull request #21402 from nesrineabdmouleh/functionalSortAndPaginationZones

Add test 'Sort and pagination zones table'

Add test for sort tax rules table

Merge pull request #21377 from zapalm/develop

New hooks for ProductListingFrontController

Filter tax rules table

Merge pull request #21362 from kpodemski/fix/21359

Possibility to check if we're in product quick view mode

Merge pull request #20942 from matks/revert-20689

Use SF cache pool prune after module action

init behat scenario for related products

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