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Update INSTALL.txt

file is not up to date

Add test with multi invoice, correctly decrement the OrderDetail with 2 products

Create, update and delete order status

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Handle reinjecting stock when gift is removed

Merge pull request #21417 from zuk3975/m/product/related

Introduce Command/Query handlers for related products

Fix page name in orders tests

Handle order that contains the gift product

Merge pull request #21435 from PierreRambaud/fix/21379

Add hooks for the AdminLoginController, AdminController, FrontController and Controller

Currency getSymbol can returns empty string if language is not found

Apply suggestions from code review

Co-authored-by: Jonathan Lelievre <>

Improve getGiftOrderDetail

Add first behat test for order gift cart rule

Missing i in product_attribute_id

Merge pull request #21390 from kpodemski/fix/21389

Fix getting proper cover for image

Merge pull request #21429 from jolelievre/fix-symfony-cache-clear

Fix symfony cache clear

Handle update OrderDetail quantity when gift cart rule is deleted

Update modules (blockreassurance/dashtrends/ps_checkpayment/welcome)

Synchronize OrderDetail with Cart

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Merge pull request #21433 from nesrineabdmouleh/FixFilterAndBulkActionCatalogPriceRules

Fix a small error in nightly 14-10-2020

remove catching exceptions that are not asserted

refactor RelateDProductUpdater to use ProductId. plus catch PrestashopException

Merge pull request #21338 from JevgenijVisockij/feature/simplifiy-localization-form

Feature/simplifiy localization form

Merge pull request #21407 from Magicalname/patch-1

Fixed typo in wording in modal.tpl

clarify return docblock

rename assertion method in repository

use langId in query

Merge pull request #21432 from Progi1984/issue21430

Fixed Configuration when Disabling/Enabling Shop

Merge pull request #21326 from sowbiba/fix-discount-secondary-currency

Set order currency to added cart rule

Simplified Localization form

# Conflicts:

# src/PrestaShopBundle/Resources/config/services/bundle/form/form_type.yml

Missing controller parameter

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