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Fix method description

Delete blank lines

Fix selector for gift input

Fix date format description

Filter by date

Recomputing invoice shipping on order update and add tests for shipping tax details

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Merge pull request #21372 from jolelievre/update-decimal-number

Update decimal number to version 1.4 And update all use statements

Merge pull request #21335 from roncarino/develop

Fixed "Add new alias" button which was disappearing after adding a new alias. [BO][Shop param][search]

Bulk delete catalog price rules

Filter catalog price rules

Fix tests with price tax included

Merge pull request #21365 from Progi1984/fixCurrencyNumericIsoCode

Fixed Currency Numeric Iso Code (Nullable & Default Value)

Merge pull request #20201 from mushroot/fix/trans-in-install

Fix throw InstallControllerHttpSystem::trans during installation process

Merge pull request #21232 from sowbiba/fix-onboarding-payment-methods

Fix tab modules list

Fix coding style

Merge pull request #21343 from NeOMakinG/issue21322

Fix status dropdown of order listing page not being well displayed using rtl language

Add tests to check invoice tax details

Create 2 catalog price rules

Add scenarii for free shipping, invoice and carrier change

Apply suggestions from code review

Co-authored-by: Jonathan Lelievre <>


Apply code review feedbacks

Update controllers/front/ProductController.php

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Added new hooks: actionProductSearchProviderRunQueryBefore, actionProductSearchProviderRunQueryAfter

Merge pull request #1 from PrestaShop/develop

Update from origin

code review suggestions

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Change Exception to CoreException

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Reset currency cache when cache is clear before feature

Missing replacement

CS fix