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Merge pull request #21641 from nesrineabdmouleh/fixNightly28/10/2020

Fix nightly (18-10-2020) comment not working tests

Merge pull request #21637 from nesrineabdmouleh/functionalSortAndPaginationEmployees

Add test 'Sort and pagination employees'

Add the link of issue

Comment not working tests

Add test pagination

Add test sort employees

Add test delete employee

Create employees

Merge pull request #21573 from nesrineabdmouleh/functionalQuickEditAndBulkActionsCarriers

Add test 'Quick edit and bulk actions carriers'

Merge pull request #21534 from nesrineabdmouleh/functionalBulkActionsSearchEngine

Add test 'Bulk delete search engine'

Merge pull request #21631 from boubkerbribri/improve-login

Using setValue on login to test multiple login attempts

Using setValue on login to test multiple login attempts

Merge pull request #21622 from matks/merge177xintodevelop-6

Merge 177x into develop 26/10/2020

Upgrade doctrine/orm 2.7.3 => 2.7.4.

Merge branch '1.7.7.x' of into merge177xintodevelop-6

Merge pull request #21609 from atomiix/feature/composer2

Fix php coding style

  1. … 14 more files in changeset.
Update php-cs-fixer

Make PrestaShop compatible with composer 2.0

Merge pull request #21574 from jolelievre/stash-contexts

Allow ContextStateManager to stash contexts

Merge pull request #21589 from boubkerbribri/fix-sanity-tests

Fix fail on sanity tests on travis

Fix sanity tests

Merge pull request #21580 from boubkerbribri/update-view-customer-selectors

Update view customer selectors

Private const

Rename const

Improve tests

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    • +15
Merge pull request #21569 from matks/restore-ubuntu-latest-GA-phpstan

Use ubuntu Latest for PHPStan GA

Update view customer selectors

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    • +18
Improve doc

Rename methods in ContextStateManager for better understanding

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