matthieu rolland <> in PrestaShop_v.1.5

Merge pull request #21537 from PululuK/patch-20

Fix typo in Product Object code

Merge pull request #21511 from NeOMakinG/issue18032

Remove unused webpack and npm files in admin-dev

Merge pull request #21509 from PrestaShop/update-trads-rc-build2

Update catalog with latest wordings

Merge pull request #21453 from taoufiqaitali/patch-3

Update INSTALL.txt

cs fixer


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    • +4
assets build

remove useless from classic theme

    • -77
    • +22

update jquery live polyfill

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Merge pull request #20969 from PululuK/patch-12

Remove useless comments

minor refactor

Update tests/Integration/Behaviour/Features/Scenario/Order/order_from_bo.feature

Co-authored-by: atomiix <>

Merge pull request #20320 from jimmydupre/bug_alert_layout

Alert system is failing when the $error variable is malformed

minor improvements

remove useless casting

cs fixer

add behat test

rename product not found exception

build fo classic theme assets

remove jquery-migrate from classic theme

put back core jquery-migrate

remove jquery-migrate from theme-js

Update tests/Integration/Behaviour/Features/Context/Domain/OrderFeatureContext.php

Co-authored-by: Progi1984 <>

test other values in behat test

minor improvements

fix exception class comment description

add new exception, error message, and keep update order detial from being updated

fix specific price free shipping test

remove comment