okom3pom <> in PrestaShop_v.1.5

Update INSTALL.txt


Co-authored-by: Mathieu Ferment <>

index.html does not exist

There are two times actionAdminLoginControllerResetBefore

Update UpdateEmployeeNotificationLastElementHandler.php

Notifications bell icon read fix


Fix typo in variable name

$base_url smarty don't check if SSL is enabled

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Improved code

Co-authored-by: Progi1984 <>

Addons url with good language when exist

Delete glyph.png

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Update url

Delete glyph.png

Add glyph.png

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New url for glyph

Add glyph.png

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CO: Use https no http

Use https in Employee not http (#9136)

* Use https instead of http in Employee class

* Make ident great again

FO : Update url in Readme :)

Nice catch

CO: Fix bad display manufacturer when multishop

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CO : Icrease limit message chars

[BO] Display all carriers in Dashbord Configuration

Only the ps carriers are configurable

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